If you think you can’t have smokin’ hot sex as you age…think again. In fact, have you ever heard of “sexercise?” It’s a simple act of  warming up your body and lubricating your libido to help you feel more connected to your sensual self. And today, let’s get a little steamy with 3 sensual and freely-flowing exercises that will open up your mind and body to a world of possibilities. The moves are fun, therapeutic, empowering, and they’ll ramp up your pleasure zone. What are you waiting for?

1. Rib Circles

By closing your eyes and following the fluid, delicious sensation of your spine dancing, the Rib Circles allow you to become spontaneous during love making. Try exhaling several times through your mouth and allow your spine to sway back and forth.Have fun exploring how you can move from within. Imagine seaweed in the ocean, or a snake slithering along the ground.

2. Hip Circles

The sensation of your hips swaying and dancing in these Hip Circles has the tendency to melt stress away, which can be a real buzz-kill in bed. While doing this movement, imagine that you are painting the inside of a bowl with your tailbone. Notice how this graceful motion is both fun, therapeutic and empowering.

3. Cat Cows

The Cat/Cow stretch teaches you to initiate movement from your center and to synchronize the movement of your breath with the movement of your body, specifically your spine. These exercises will stimulate the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid, which nourishes and plumps up the supportive disks between the vertebrae to create a more flexible, healthy spine.

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