Tighten Your Abs Like a Pro


Brace yourself for more good news about the benefits of Walking!

Engaging your abs while on even a short stroll enhances core strength, improves your posture and boosts your stability. And with summer here, the outdoors is free!

The trick is in a technique called Bracing.

True story: Sheila lost 120 pounds by incorporating walking into her routine. You can read her inspiring story below! 

“Bracing” refers to contracting and tightening your core muscles. It’s a common technique of weightlifters to create a solid foundation before heavy lifting.  And this core contraction offers significant benefits even during a non-stress related activity like walking.  How?

Think of your trunk as a cylinder. The walls of the cylinder are the muscles surrounding your trunk. When gently tightened, bracing helps to… 

  • Provide essential stability to the spine and pelvis
  • Develop more sturdy balance
  • Support your lower back 
  • Pick up your walking speed!

To put bracing into action, imagine somebody is about to poke you in the tummy. You instinctively tighten your midsection muscles in response! It’s that simple!

You can recreate this sensation throughout your walk and.. throughout your day.

Learning and practicing bracing techniques is super easy and brings big benefits.

So stand tall, tighten your tummy, take a deep breath.. and get walking!

Strengthen your stride for a transformative walking workout!


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In simple terms, periodization is a valuable tool that can help you get the most out of your exercise program, especially if you’ve hit a plateau. 


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