Eight 1-Min Ways To Lose Weight


If you have 60 seconds or less to spare this weekend (and I know you do!), then you can make weight loss simple! Today, I can’t wait to share with you eight 1-minute ways to cut calories, slim your wasitline, and watch the number on the scale shrink!

Supersize It…Your Water, That Is!

Instead of drinking out of a regular glass or water bottle, supersize it and grab the biggest bottle you can find! The bigger your glass is, the more you’re likely to drink. Plus, drinking water sends the body signals that you’re filling up and don’t need to eat more food.

Do 10 Before Dessert

Before you sit down and indulge in your favorite chocolate dessert, do 10 burpees. Adding in a physical activity helps put you in touch with your body and reminds you of your goals.

Do a Sample Sniff

Next time you walk past the doughnut shop and feel like you can’t resist the urge, try this: Savor the smell and imagine the taste for 30 seconds. Sometimes, doing a free sample sniff can trick your mind and curb the craving.

Stop Stalking Your Fridge

The fridge can be the doorway to doom, and you don’t want enter that danger zone! Put a reminder on the fridge door to eliminate the unconscious habit of repeatedly opening it.

Post Motivation

To stay motivated, place sticky notes on places you regularly see throughout the day — in your car, or on your mirror or  your desk. Messages to yourself can be short and simple, like “One day at a time!” or, “progress, not perfection!”

 Pop a piece of gum

At the University of Rhode Island, researchers did a curious study involving chewing gum. In this study, subjects were told to chew gum for at least an hour in the morning. Those who did ate less at lunchtime — an average of 67 calories less! The chewing motion has neurological effects, signaling the brain that you are eating, even if you’re not taking in calories. The brain tells the ghrelin to back off, and your appetite retreats.

Walk and Talk

Instead of texting your friends or family, head out for some fresh air with your cell, and walk and talk. Or even better, instead of calling a friend or your next door neighbor, take a stroll outside to say “hello” in person.