Dr. Sara Gottfried’s Collagen Latte

In Dr. Sara Gottfried’s New York Times best-selling book, Younger, she said…

“Once a collagen latte became my morning ritual, I noticed that I wasn’t hungry until noon and my skin started to glow. So I looked into the data and was surprised to find that collagen, derived from gelatin, reaches measurable levels in the blood after oral consumption.9 Collagen has the following benefits:

• Rich in antioxidants
• Lowers blood pressure
• Improves bone density

Over time I’ve been experimenting with my recipe, which has involved regular coffee (such as Dave Asprey’s low- mycotoxin Bulletproof beans or David Wolfe’s low- acidity Longevity beans), decaffeinated coffee, and sometimes herbal tea made with chicory or dandelion. I may add a few drops of chocolate or English toffee stevia extract. If you’re unfamiliar with collagen, it’s an easily digested form of protein that improves skin, hair, and nails. As you age, you break down more collagen than you make, leading to saggy skin, cracking fingernails, dull hair, and wrinkles.”

How to Make a Collagen Latte

1 cup of low- toxin coffee, decaffeinated coffee, or tea
1 to 2 tablespoons collagen powder
Optional: 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or medium- chain triglyceride oil
Optional: 4 to 6 drops of stevia

1. Place brewed coffee and remaining ingredients into a blender.
2. Blend for 5 to 15 seconds until frothy like a latte.


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