Don’t Do Another Sit-Up Until You Learn THIS Move!

You use your abs every time you carry groceries, sit at your computer, and even when you stand in line at the movies. The stronger your abs, the more likely you’l be able to ward off lower back pain. Practicing the House For Mouse move below will help train your Transverse Abdominis to give you “built in Spanx.”


House for a Mouse

Targets: Transverse abdominis.

Setup: Lie prone on the floor.

Move: Draw your navel toward your spine. You should feel your stomach area drawing off the floor.

Focus: Your pubic bone and ribs should not move. The buttocks should not contract.

Comments: This is an exercise to learn to use this muscle. The spine doesn’t flex, as it does in a crunch when you use the rectus abdominis. This muscle, the transverse abdominis, is an important postural muscle. You should be using this muscle in every exercise you perform. As your body awareness increases, this will become second nature to you, and it’ll get easier as you get stronger.