Chocolate Cherry


Cocktail get-togethers and staying up later than normal with friends this time of year definitely feeds the spirit. But, your skin pays a price! 

Time for a reset! Say “goodbye” to dry, flaky, and tired skin with today’s shake!

The star of the Chocolate Cherry Shake is a scoop of collagen to give your skin nourishment and leave it feeling smoother, plump, and luminous.

You won’t even taste the difference with the added collagen, but you’ll definitely notice how your complexion shines brighter with each passing day!

Combining chocolate with cherries is a classic pairing, and the result is pure deliciousness. It’s a decadent balance of nutrition and flavor, created with a mix of nutrient-dense ingredients.

Don’t be surprised if you feel a little happier and more energized after drinking this smoothie. You can thank the cacao for the feel-good endorphins! 

Frozen cherries create a thicker consistency, so feel free to use a spoon or straw. After all, there’s no right way to get the rich, flavorful smoothie from point A to point B. 

For an extra treat, shave a little dark chocolate on top.


  1. Add all ingredients into a blender
  2. Mix and enjoy cold!