Chocolate Almond


1 C unsweetened almond milk
1 serving chocolate protein powder… check out the KS Wellness Protein
1 serving collagen… .check out the KS Wellness Collagen Beauty Drink
1/2 C frozen blueberries
1 Tbsp almond butter
1 Tbsp freshly-ground flax seeds 

I usually have a collagen shake to kickstart my morning, or for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. My motto is “if it’s break time, it’s shake time!” This Chocolate Almond Collagen Shake can have a lasting impact on your health, slow down aging process and give you glowing skin!

Often times, the first thing you notice about a person is their face. It’s a barometer of their personality, attitude, and yes…even their youth.  

Imagine drawing a line across the widest part of your face…that space in-between your ears, and then connecting the lines in an upside-down triangle where the point is at your chin. Dermatologists call this “triangle of youth.” At a certain age, the suppleness of your cheeks tend to deflate and sag downward. With age, your body makes less collagen, and the collagen it does produce is less elastic, which causes your skin to not be as firm as it once was. While this is all occurring, your cheekbones shrink, extra skin migrates south to the jaw, and the widest part of your face is now at your jawline..making the triangle of youth flip.   

If you want to keep the triangle of youth in tact, and skip the botox and expensive wrinkle creams, collagen is your gal, because she helps give your skin body, bounce, and elasticity.

It’s true…research shows that the peptides formed from ingested collagen can improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles. In a specific study with middle-aged Korean women, they were able to reduce skin cracking with a daily collagen supplement.