Cardio Without Running! 20-Min Routine

Keeping your immune system strong is more important than ever! 

Your immune system is a very complex network of molecules and cells created to keep infections and diseases at bay. Exercise has been shown to have a deep impact on the functioning of the immune system. 

Every time you exercise billions of immune cells are rapidly mobilized, especially the cells that are most likely to recognize and kill cells that are infected with a virus.

One of the best types of exercise for boosting your immunity is whole-body dynamic cardiorespiratory exercises.

Today’s 20-minute immunity-boosting workout uses full-body, rhythmic, large-muscle movements and mixes dynamic and cardiorespiratory exercises for maximum effects. Throughout the routine, there are modifications so you can choose the low-impact option, or increase the intensity to high-impact depending on your fitness experience and your energy level. You can also modify the intensity by using larger or smaller upper-body movements. 


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 Total Body Turnaround – Designed to combat the aging process, Total Body Turnaround is split into three 20-minute workouts for a convenient, fast and fun way to get fit. You’ll wake up your body to feel stronger, leaner and more energized.
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✅ Cardio Fat Burner – This is cardio made short and simple! Jump into two easy-to-follow 20-minute routines and get your heart pumping with these high-energy workouts designed to blast fat while having fun!
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