Burn More Fat In Less Time This Holiday Season

I often say that, when it comes to excuses for not exercising, “I don’t have time” is like the “My dog ate my homework” of fitness. We’re all short on time – and it’s never more true than the holiday season. The trick is to make the most of every minute with an effective but short workout that you can squeeze into your busy schedule. That’s why interval training is the best gift you can give yourself. (Try my NEW interval training set for 30% off today!)

With higher intensity training that helps you burn more calories in less time, you’ll have more time with friends and family for all those fun-filled holiday celebrations. And best of all? You’ll rev up your metabolism, making it easier to burn off any of those extra little holiday treats.

You can do interval trainingwhether you’re walking indoors or outside, jump roping or doing an aerobic routine in your living room. So for example, if you’re on a brisk walk for three minutes, then you do a one-minute burst, where you walk as fast as you can or you break into a run – that’s burst training.

First, it’s important to understand how to gauge the intensity levels of your workouts. You can do that with what I call your Perceived Exertion Scale (see video below). When you’re at about 60-75% of your maximum, you’re showing your best “happy face.” That’s when you’re exercising at a slow, steady pace. But when you push to a 75-85% that smile turns into a look of determination. You couldn’t carry on a conversation with your workout buddy, you’re focused, on a mission. Then, at 85-95%, that’s when you’re doing burst training. That’s when you’re going for broke. That’s where you make a battle-cry face, because it’s an all-out effort that you can only keep up for a minute or two.

Burst training also helps you raise your Lactate Threshold (see video below). When you reach your lactate threshold, you’re starting to “feel the burn.” That’s the feeling of your body producing more of the waste product lactic acid than it can clear away. The more the lactic acid builds up, the more you feel the burn. The lactate threshold is what keeps you from pushing harder and breaking through your workout barriers.

If you only work out at a steady state (in the happy face range), you never reach that limit. But when you push yourself to that grimace range a few times a week by doing some burst training, here’s what happens:

  • You raise the calorie count of your workouts.
  • You train your body to clear lactic acid more efficiently, so you can work out at a harder level more easily.
  • You raise your metabolism for several hours afterward, so again, more calories burned more efficiently.
  • And you start to activate your fast-twitch muscle fibers, which improve muscle tone, and, once again, this cranks up your body’s natural calorie-burning engines.
  • When we do burst training, we start to tap into those deeper fat stores. If you’re already an exerciser — even if you are just an occasional exerciser — burst training is the key to breaking through any plateaus you might have reached – so if you’ve been working out and suddenly you stopped seeing results, burst training can help you break through that plateau.

That’s what makes burst training a timesaver, and that’s why people with packed schedules use this type of training. It’s all about efficiency.



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