Building Up Your Balance




Experts agree…Balance is the key to getting a total body workout! Your kinesthetic sense is your awareness of where you are in relationship to the space around you, and that starts to diminish as we age, so it’s important to practice balance throughout the week. Here are a few simple moves to help:




Static Balance Move:


Start by standing up straight, putting your weight on one leg, and lifting your other leg. Hold your leg at mid-calf height for 15 seconds. Even doing this move, you’ll feel the connection in your stabilization muscles, and you’ll begin to strengthen your abdominal muscles, back, and the entire section we call your “core.”

Advanced: If you feel comfortable, take the move to the next level by bringing your leg higher and taking your arms to your side, or even overhead. And for expert balancing, look up! While you’re looking up with your hands overhead, try closing your eyes for just a second.

This move demonstrates static balance, because you’re starting from a static position. Now, let’s talk about dynamic balance.Dynamic balance whens you catch your balance from a moving position. Try this move:

Dynamic Balance Move:

Stand in one spot and jump sideways to a point a few feet away, landing on only one foot. Hold for three seconds then repeat to the other side. Try jumping forward and backwards, repeating each position five times.

Dynamic balance is more functional, since it’s more relevant to how we move in everyday life. Imagine walking down the street and you trip, then catch yourself….this is dynamic balance.

Below, I’ll demonstrate one of my favorite pieces of equipment for improving your balance: Mini Balance Discs!

These 9″ discs are filled with air, creating an unstable surface. If you stand on one disc with both feet, your feet will be slightly unbalanced. To stay balanced,  you’ll have to recruit your stabilization muscles and activate your entire body.

Balance is a skill that can be practiced and improved! If you’re ready to take it up a notch, pick up one leg while standing on the Mini Balance Disc. This seemingly simple move tones your abs, legs, and buns.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your balance in every day life as well as tone those hard-to-reach inner thighs, then using the Mini Balance Discs could be your solution!

No matter what your age, your body’s balance is your best ally for creating core stability, so it’s important to include it in your weekly workout! That’s why I developed my Body Balance DVD. This workout is split into two 15-minute routines to tighten and lift your lower body while restoring agility and coordination.

Here’s an exclusive sneak peek of the Body Balance DVD: