Total Body Toning in 10 Mins a Day

When it comes to women’s health, strength training is of first and foremost importance. In fact, maintaining lean muscle is the #1 secret to staying young. And, a recent study found that adding weights to your workout routine lowers your risk of an early death by 23 percent, and decreases the risk of having a cancer-related death by 31 percent.

Self Magazine once asked, “If you had to pick between strength training or cardio, which one would you pick?” Of course, being the aerobic junkie that I was in the early ages, you would think I’d automatically choose cardio. But, honestly…it would be strength training.

Resistance training is about much more than biceps and triceps. It’s about coordination, balance, agility, endurance, energy, weight loss, and getting back that youthful vitality. And, as it turns out, it’s also about preparing your body to better manage stress.

Strength routines become more important for with every passing year. That’s because of a process I like to call “The Great Decline.” Starting around age 30, you lose about 1% of our muscle mass every year, and then that loss starts to accelerate in your 40s and 50s and beyond. You start to lose bone density, your energy gets depleted, and you become more prone to chronic illness. The key to reversing the Great Decline is strength training.

• Maintain muscle mass
• Prevent osteoporosis
• Prevent diabetes
• Improve heart health
• Boost metabolism (so you can burn fat more easily)
• Strengthen core and back (which helps protect from aches, pains and injuries)
• Makes you more resilient to stress
Let’s get started stepping up your strength routine with this 10-minute total body circuit video. Plus, it includes functional, coordination and balance movements!

It’s important to realize that although incorporating bodyweight exercises is an excellent start, you’ll receive even better results when providing your body with healthy nutrients and eat a sensible, sustainable diet. If you’re on a mission to lose weight, I recommend replacing at least one meal a day with one of these slimdown shake recipes. 



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