Create The Sexiest Night Ever By Bellydancing!

(Plus, say “goodbye” to belly fat just in time for swimming suit season by bellydancing! Click here for the DVD.)

When I took my first belly dancing class, the movement was a revelation — it was tasteful, beautiful, and sensuous. As I watched myself in the mirror, circling my hips, moving my shoulders in ways that were new and challenging to me, I noticed a distinct shift in how I felt about myself — in a word, I felt sexy.

That’s what my Flex Appeal DVD is all about. Through a combination of yoga, dance, strengthening and flexibility movements, you’ll learn to tap into those feelings of vitality and sensuality again — and start feeling sexy, from the inside out. Plus, you’ll be getting your body in shape and eliminate belly fat at the same time!

The solution to having the sexiest night ever is to tap into the inner-current of playful sensuality. In other words…put the fun back into your body!


Say “goodbye” to belly fat and dance you way to toned abs at any age!

Flex Appeal 1Flex Appeal Belly Dance Workout DVD (60 minutes)
The ageless art of belly dancing is the hottest way to limber up, burn calories and energize your body. This aerobic workout uses traditional belly dance steps to help you tone your abs, legs, hips and arms while getting your body moving in expressive ways. Includes a 20-minute slow and sensual routine to teach you basic bellydancing steps, 20-minute fast routine to burn calories, and a 10-mintue stretching routine that combines yoga, pilates and gentle movement o restore and rejuvenate your body.

Only $12.99