Banish Bra-Line Fat With 2 Breakthrough Moves You’l Love


Sometimes it seems like no matter how much weight you lose, the “bulge” in the back of your bra-line is always there! That doesn’t have to be the case! The good news is that by consistently practicing the 2 breakthrough moves below, you’ll strengthen you upper back while slimming down bra-line fat.

To give you a background, your largest back muscle is your latissimus dorsi (also known as your “lats”). You use your lats when you pull a heavy box down from a higher shelf or when you pull apart two grocery carts that are stuck together. Above your lats are your traps…officially known as your trapezius. When you lift a heavy suitcase, your trapezius bears a lot of the weight so you don’t strain your shoulders. Your rhomboids pull your shoulder blades together and help you maintain perfect posture.

I didn’t pay much attention to my upper back muscles until my daughter Perrie was born. Suddenly, my business was busier than ever, I was doing frequent TV appearances — and I was always carrying around a 25-pound child! Meanwhile, I noticed a constant soreness in my upper back and neck area. It was stress. If your upper back muscles aren’t strong, they’ll bear the brunt of your tension. Now, I’m devoted to my back exercises.

Powerful upper-back muscles will also help out if you’re at a desk for long periods of time. Sitting all day can take a toll on your posture, a problem that’s exacerbated when your upper back muscles are weak. If you strengthen them, you’ll counteract the tendency to slouch. You’ll stand tall and project a strong image.

Today, try out the two moves below, the Superman and One Arm Rows, to strengthen your upper back. Plus, melt away with a cardio burst!

Move #1: Superman

Video clip from my Lift Weights To Lose Weight DVD

Move #2: Rows

Video clip from my Staying Strong DVD


BONUS Move #3: Cardio burst!

Video clip from my NEW FastFit DVD