Barre Boot Camp


You don’t have to be able to Grand Plié in ballet shoes in order to get the graceful, lean body of dancer. All you need is today’s total-body toning Ballet Boot Camp! This barre-style workout uses a series of small, concentrated movements designed to lift and tighten your hard-to-reach muscles.

Even if you’ve never tried a barre or ballet workout, join the challenge! Every tuck makes your bottom tighter and more toned.

When people start doing the Barre Boot Camp, the overwhelming response is, “I can’t believe the change in my body.”

Plus, the Ballet Boot Camp concentrates on the areas that women struggle with most: hips, thighs, bottom, abdominals and arms.

Here’s how the challenge works:

Three days this week, complete the workout video below. It includes:

– 5 minute warm up
– 4 minute leg lift
– 2 minute ab flattening

…for a total of  11 minutes of complete barre boot camp!

Are you up for the challenge? Let me know in the comments below.

5-Min Warm-Up:

4-Min Legs:

2-Min Abs: