Important Muscle!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the most overlooked muscle of them all?

Spoiler alert…you can train this forgotten muscle in today’s posterior chain activation video.

These types of exercises will help prevent “getting older” shape… that’s the banana-shaped posture we fall into when we spend too much time slouching throughout the day while sitting at a desk, slouched in a chair watching TV, typing on a computer, and driving. 

 In these poor-posture-prone positions,  back muscles tend to stretch out. If ignored, they’ll eventually lose strength. If you give them a little attention, you’ll not only look younger, but you’ll counteract the tendency to slouch. You’ll stand tall, look slimmer, and project a confident image.

This simple reset will  create the habit of staying in neutral alignment throughout your daily activities. 

Today’s routine is from Tummy Trimmers, which includes five 10-minute core-activation exercises that trim and tone your core from every angle. By the way, Tummy Trimmers is FREE with all Lift Weights to Stay Young purchases today only!... see below! 

Often times, we look in the mirror to decide what body part to strength train, and our arms, legs and abs tend to win the coin toss.

Think of your body as a house. Long before you start decorating, you’ve got to build a strong foundation… otherwise the structure will cave in. The foundation for your body’s strength comes from your abdominal and lower back muscles. If they’re weak, your body isn’t going to hold up. At that point, the decorating — sculpted arms and shoulders, for instance, won’t matter.

Check out today’s video clip to wake up your sleepy backside. When you work the posterior chain (the largest and most powerful muscles) you’ll have a strong booty, and a strong back. Give these muscles the attention they deserve!

Maintain so you don’t have to regain!