Swing it baby, swing it! Fall is here, and a toned, tight tush is a key ingredient for rocking your blue jeans (or leggings!) in confidence. And, using a kettlebell is one way that any woman can boost her buns.

Whether you’re a seasoned kettlebell-er, or you’ve never picked up a set, today’s video move is for you. (And for those of you who don’t own kettlebells, just use a dumbbell…for now). The move is called the Figure 8, and in just a few minutes, you’ll target your booty, abs and arms. This slow-paced move is a must for beginners, but can be easily paced for longer periods of time to increase muscular endurance.

Here’s a tip: To add a cardio element into this move, increase the speed. For extra toning benefits, increase the weight.

Not convinced that kettlebells are for you? Here are 5 reasons EVERY woman needs to own her own pair:

  1. Perfects your posture, because your core stays engaged during every movement. Any bending forward is done from the hips and legs instead of an arched back.
  2. Increases metabolic rate, so you’ll burn more calories even when you’re sitting.
  3. Strengthens tendons and ligaments (especially important since women are at a greater risk for ACL tears!)
  4. Burns more calories because of their “all muscles on deck” technique. In fact, a typical kettlebell session burns 400 calories in 20 minutes.
  5. Simultaneously firms your buns, abs and arms…who has time for anything else?

Get started with the video clip below for a killer calorie-burning and muscle-building combo! Bam! Fast results. One kettlebell. Try it, and start ringing the bell!