Craving For Cozy Gentle Stretch

Hygge was all the rage a few years ago, which is a Danish term meaning “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.”

The essence of hygge lies in creating a sanctuary within your own home, allowing yourself to fully embrace the coziness and tranquility of winter.  A desire for coziness is a natural human instinct, especially if you live in colder climates. Our social lives ebb and flow with the dropping temperatures, especially with shortened hours of light.

My craving for hygge-ness has returned recently!

Between now and March is a time when I spend a little more time practicing yoga, because the gentle, fluid motions feel like I’m wrapping myself in a warm, soft blanket of self-care.

Join me in today’s 15-minute yoga routine! As you move through this sequence, find comfort in every stretch. As you glide through these movements, create a sanctuary of contentment and well-being, and bask in the hygge ambiance you’ve cultivated.

Take this time to nourish your body and soul through yoga, and then treat yourself to a cup of healthy protein hot chocolate as you bask in the joy of a truly idyllic hygge season.