8-Min Stretch Routine Everyone Should Do

Workouts aren’t one-size fits all. From HIIT to pilates… from walking to strength training… whatever exercise is your go-to, stretching needs to be part of your routine. 

Here’s why… Everyone has mobility restrictions and imbalances. The problem is that not only do we sit too much, but we also don’t put our bodies into enough different positions. The solution? Ten minutes a day of stretching. 

Want to get mobilized? This 8-minute stretch routine is done in a chair, and can easily be squeezed in during lunch or before bedtime. 

Not only can stretching relieve sore and stiff muscles, but it also improves your muscle function, reduces your risk of injury, and helps your body move in day-to-day life. 

Here are a few reasons to add these movements into your day… especially if you find yourself sitting a lot… 

• Opens up your hip flexors and lower abdomen, and helps reduce tightness in the lower back

• Stretches your chest, shoulders, and biceps. If you tend to hunch forward when you sit (and most of us do), this will open up your posture and help you reduce upper back pain 

• Elongates your chest and upper back so you will stand more upright

• Improves circulation which helps the body recover faster from a workout by removing waste byproducts in muscle tissue.

Let’s get stretching!