5-Minute Full-Body Stretch

For some reason, many of us persist in thinking of our health and exercise as belonging to a distinctly different sphere from the rest of our lives.

What do we tell ourselves? “I’d love to take more time out to stay active or to eat right, but I’m too bogged down with commitments.”

We frame it as a trade-off. We think of time in exercise or wellness as time away from productivity.

That is a false choice. Don’t kid yourself – not investing the time or energy into your health has a direct impact on your ability to attain peak performance – and it’s not a positive impact.

One mistake that many of us make is assuming that we need to be hitting the gym each day or killing ourselves in some type of class each day. We tell ourselves that if we haven’t seen the inside of the gym, then it’s a wash for that day. This overlooks the role that wellness can play as integrated into our daily lives. Look, it’s terrific if you can make it to a gym on a regular basis.  If you can squeeze in a cycling or sculpting class, more power to you.

But the truth is, there is so much that we can do every day to be healthy. You don’t have to go out of your way to get to a cardio machine if you at least strive to get out of the house. Take walking for example…It’s free, it feels good, and it may well create more positive effects for your body than anything else you can do for yourself.

Ask yourself each and everyday – what have I done today to invest in my health, in my well-being?

It might mean being creative with your routine, finding new ways to introduce physical movement and exertion into your daily life. Whether you opt for a standing desk or whether you walk during your meetings instead of sit down, there is so much that we all can do.

The importance thing is to find the time and the strategies that work for you.

Today, take a break from your normal routine, and try this 5-minute full-body stretch to release the tension you’ve been holding onto during the week.