8 Creative Ways


Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness! 

A key ingredient to putting your best face forward is to incorporate collagen into your routine.


Collagen improves the elasticity and hydration of the skin for breathtakingly beautiful skin. 

Increasing collagen levels is one of the quickest and easiest ways to nurture your skin’s best, brightest, and most youthful appearance.

Ingestible collagen is incredibly versatile and can be an easy addition to your daily routine… from adding a scoop to your coffee to blending with a shake.

Reveal your radiant skin! Here are 8 creative ideas to incorporate the KS Wellness Collagen Beauty Drink into your everyday diet. 

Collagen is pretty powerful.

One scoop each day in your favorite drink, oatmeal, or even scrambled eggs improves your skin’s vibrancy and elasticity. It also aids your body inside and out by strengthening your bones, tendons, cartilage, and ligament.

With age, your body makes less collagen, and the collagen it does produce is less elastic, which causes your skin to not be as firm as it once was.

Collagen constitutes about 30% of the total protein present in our body. But, as we approach our mid-50s, our body’s collagen production decreases by about 50%.

Get up and glow with collagen!

1 – Blend it into a protein shake

Collagen can be mixed in hot or cold drinks, and one of my favorite ways to incorporate it is by adding it to a protein shake. Adding 2 scoops, or 10 grams, is all you need. 

2 – Stir it into your matcha tea

This is the perfect hot drink to get your morning started! Simply mix 1 scoop of collagen with your morning matcha latte. As a bonus, it supports joint health!

3 – Whisk it into eggs

Boost your breakfast protein intake by whisking unflavored collagen powder into your scrambled eggs. With 6 grams of protein per large egg, scrambled eggs are already a high-protein breakfast. Adding collagen powder amps up the protein even further!

4 – Stir it in soup 

You can easily add collagen to your soup and enjoy its benefits without altering the flavor or texture of the soup. Start by whisking the collagen into a small amount of liquid (such as broth or water) in a separate bowl to create a slurry, and then slowly pour the mixture into the soup while stirring continuously to prevent clumps.

To avoid overcooking the collagen powder and potentially losing some of its benefits, add the collagen once the soup is finished and in its final minutes of  low-temperature simmering.

5 – Mix it in your cuppa Joe

Transform your brew! If you’re a coffee drinker, there’s good news for you. Collagen can be added to your coffee without sacrificing the flavor or texture! 

6 – Add it to water

In a hurry? Dissolve 2 scoops of collagen into 8 oz of lukewarm water. All you need to do is stir and sip! The body will digest it quickly for optimal benefits. 

7 – Scoop it in your oatmeal

If oatmeal is your go-to, mix in a scoop of collagen with other superfood add-ins (chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, blueberries). 

6 – Fold it into your yogurt

Adding a scoop of collagen to your yogurt will help balance out the macronutrients to keep your blood sugar stable. The big payoff? Improved elasticity and hydration in your skin.