MUST-TRY Move For Toned Abs, Firm Buns and Tight Thighs!

Autumn is officially here, and although your wardrobe my be changing, a few things are always in fashion…toned abs, firm buns and tight thighs! And, if “I don’t have enough time” is your number one excuse for not getting in shape this season, today I’ll banish that excuse today with a simple 3-in-1 timesaving move…a MUST-TRY for firming up your entire body!

High and Low Dog


Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Lay on the ground in cobra pose  with your hands shoulder-width apart and your chest lifted. Keep your shoulders down, and your face and shoulders soft.
  2. Curl your toes into the floor, press your hips off the floor and reach your hips toward the ceiling until your body makes an inverted “V.” Reach back with your inner thighs, and sink your feet into the floor, keeping your chest pressed toward your knees. This is called “downward dog.”
  3. Feel as if your breath is reaching throughout your whole body. Stay relaxed…don’t force the move.
  4. Stay in Downward Dog position while lifting your right leg behind you.
  5. Shift your weight on your hands as you slowly lower your leg to the floor and begin to lower your body to the floor. Keep your spine straight.
  6. Bending your elbows, press your body into a pushup position.
  7. Press back into Downward Dog, and lift your opposite leg off the floor by repeating steps 5 & 6

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