Why NOT To Workout This Weekend


Instead of resorting to your day-in, day-out gym schedule that can not only lead to boredom and plateaus, this weekend explore Mother Nature’s gym! Not only will experiencing the great outdoors give you new stories to share on Monday morning, but you’ll also unplug from technology’s constant noise pollution. Playing in the fresh air and discovering the beauty and exhilaration of different environments not only makes you feel good, but also helps lower your blood pressure and bathes your brain in “feel good hormones.”

The activity you choose to do this weekend doesn’t have to be skydiving, or even a marathon.  There are a wealth of activities that can serve your need: exploring the local scenery, horseback riding, playing at the park, doing a 5k run or walk to raise funds for different charities, whitewater kayak and raft trips, rock climbing…the list goes on! All you have to do is use your imagination. Here are 4 no-gym activities that I’ve been using lately to tone up, trim down, and have FUN:

1. Go Exploring! 

IMG_0331This weekend, I’m headed to the beautiful red rocks of Southern Utah to hike and splash through The Subway at Zion National Park. It’s going to be an incredible, life-changing  experience! Even if you’re not a Utah native, I’m positive that you can find a scenic spot in your surrounding area to discover. Instead of viewing your adventure as an exercise on a chore chart of items to check off, approach it as a challenge to complete. I love to explore my surroundings as way to learn more about my body, test its limits, and flush out my emotions.


2. Take A Lift

IMG_1117One of my favorite ways to take in grand views of  the beautiful Park City area is to enjoy a scenic hike up the mountain with my daughters, and then enjoy a leisurely chairlift ride back down . Once at the top, I stretch my legs while I simply enjoy the fresh, alpine air before boarding the chairlift for my ride back down. Whether it’s a getaway adventure or a local hike, getting outdoors can energize your mind, body and spirit.



 3.  Put Your Feet In The Grass


Take your stretchy band to the park and set up your own personal bootcamp up in the grass with squats, lunges, pushups, and of course…stretches! Also, if there’s a park bench, put it to good use with some tricep dips. With your back facing the bench, dip yourself up and down for two sets of 15. When you’re finished, flip over and do some pushups facing the bench. Feeling super energetic? Put your feet on the bench and to the pushups facing the ground!

4. Chase The Sunset


Instead of hitting the treadmill, take it outdoors! Time your walks and runs for early morning or late afternoon, and reward yourself by capturing a glorious sunrise or sunset. Start to document the experience and over the course of a month, share the photos with friends (and me!). Whether I’m walking on the beaches of Santa Monica, or hiking in the hills around Park City, I love to stop and take in the beauty of the spectacular golden and pastel colors of a sunrise or sunset.