5 Smart Ways to

Avoid Holiday Over-Eating

Ah, the holidays. It’s easy to eat an extra 200 calories a day without really thinking about it… a piece of leftover pie here, a glass of eggnog there. No wonder you can back on a few pounds during December! Gaining 3-5 pounds might not sound like too much to handle, but the truth is that few people lose the holiday weight in the following months.

But, there’s no need to deny yourself of all holiday goodies (did you see these ooey-gooey low-carb cookie recipes). It’s possible to make it through the holidays in the same pant size if you follow these 5 tips to avoid winter weight gain…

1. Fiber…Just Say Yes
Fiber the underrated nutritional powerhouse! It keeps you feeling full, aids in weight loss, and keeps your gut happy. If you’re feeling hungry shortly after you eat, it’s a good sign you don’t have enough fiber. Aim for 30g of fiber a day.

Here are a few ways to fill the fiber gap:

Split Peas — 1 cup cooked: 16 grams
Lentils — 1 cup cooked: 15 grams
Black Beans — 1 cup cooked: 15 grams… try adding some black beans to a Plant-Power Bowl!
Figs  — 1 cup dried: 14 grams
Lima Beans  — 1 cup cooked: 13 grams
Acorn Squash  — 1 cup cooked: 9 grams
Green Peas  — 1 cup cooked: 8 grams
Raspberries  — 1 cup: 8 grams.. Check out this Rosemary Raspberry Fiber Shake!
Blackberries  — 1 cup: 7 grams

2. Don’t Press The Gas Pedal

Try chewing your food slowly and deliberately, putting your knife and fork down after every bite. This way you will enjoy your meals more and need less to be satisfied. Have a conversation or read a book to slow yourself down.

3. Awaken Your Inner Fish
Many people mistake thirst for hunger, so before a meal or snack, drink an 8-ounce glass of water, wait 10 minutes, and see if your hunger abates.

4. Put Almonds In Your Purse
Remember…fat is an essential nutrient. Including fat in your diet can help you feel satisfied longer than if there’s no fat in your food. Fat can actually improve your weight-management efforts, because the longer you’re satisfied, the fewer trips you will make between the refrigerator or pantry between meals. Hint…Have a few almonds and cashews, or a slice of avocado.

5. STOP Skipping Meals
Eating smaller meals during the day with snacks will keep you satisfied, increase your metabolic rate, preserve lean muscle mass, and keep your moods consistent.

Change The Way You Age By Changing The Way You Eat

…With the Fit Over 40 Meal Plan

Yes, we are all going to age. And yet, it’s possible to make this next stage of life a much richer adventure and avoid the great decline that so many women experience. You have control over how that journey is going to look. It might feel like a stiff body, sore joints, foggy brain, and lack of energy. Or, it could be filled with renewed vitality, a supple body, and a healthy metabolism….it’s your call.

The Fit Over 40 Meal Plan offers a sensible approach to eating that allows you to reset your metabolism, balance your hormones and age optimally.

Here’s an inside look at the meal plan…

The Fit Over 40 Meal Plan has helped thousands of people transform their relationship with food and radically improve their health, appearance, and performance.

By combining the Fit Over 40 Meal Plan with the Fit Over 40 exercise program, you have the opportunity to regain your vitality, and you get the benefits of reduced risk of diseases, decreased symptoms of inflammation in your body, and enhanced strength and stamina.

As you age, there’s no better feeling than having enough energy and vitality for all the adventures coming your way!

Remember…exercise is crucial. However, the other essential part of living a healthy lifestyle is having a nutritious and healing meal plan.

Through the years, your metabolism can become a bit broken. And if you’ve been on an extremely restrictive diet, your body will have a tendency to preserve every fat cell as it goes into survival mode.
Fit Over 40 Meal Plan is an easy-to-follow eating plan that will get your metabolism working efficiently. And, the reward is that you’ll start shedding excess fat. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it can be your new reality.