5 Reasons To Go On A Walk

1. Burn calories AND enjoy the scenery.

Here’s a little-known fact: A fast walk (at a 12-minute-mile pace) burns more calories than a slow, 9-minute-mile jog. That’s because in a fast-paced walk, your body incorporates more muscles, thus burning more calories. And walking techniques like the “heel-toe-push” and “walking the line” increase this calories-burning potential even more.

2. Heart rate goes up, blood pressure goes down.

Cardiovascular activity temporarily increases your heart rate, helping you to burn calories and protect the health of your heart. And there’s more: a daily walk can do more to lower your blood pressure than blood pressure medications can. Since walking increases and maintains a steady arterial pressure during the exercise, it’s an excellent way to keep your circulation (and the rest of your system) in good working order.

3. Improve your memory and cognitive processes.

Do you ever forget a name, an appointment, or where you left your keys? Walking will help. Not only does it improve the connectivity of synaptic circuits in the brain, but walking also targets specific areas of brain function, including “executive control tasks,” which helps in problem solving. And you can enjoy all these brain boosting benefits from the comfort of you home: Try an indoor walking workout, like my Fat Burning Walking DVD, a fun and unique routine designed to zap belly fat while strengthening the entire body.

4. Keeps you – and your knees! – going longer and stronger.

A lack of exercise doesn’t give your knees a chance to get stronger, and overuse can sometimes wear them out too soon. But walking strikes a sweet spot in the middle – strengthening knees AND preserving them for years to come, while improving your overall endurance. The Human Body has an amazing capacity to adapt to increased levels of physical exertion, even if that “exertion” is at a comparatively low level. Walking improves both the muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance, allowing you to walk farther, faster, while becoming healthier and fitter than ever before. For a complete at-home walking workout package that’s gentle on the knees and effective on calorie-burning endurance, try the WalkFit 20 Minute Turnaround collection!

5. You can de-stress AND boost your immune system.

Walking can be a powerful antidote to stress, because it requires the physical involvement of the entire body combined with a relaxed mental focus. It lowers the levels of adrenaline and cortisol flowing through the body, leaving you in a happier, less stressful state. And it doesn’t stop there: The body responds to aerobic workouts (like walking) by producing additional white blood cells – our strongest form of dense, helping to prevent a range of illnesses from the common cold to more serious health concerns, including tumors and viruses.

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