5 Best Moves to Tone Your Obliques

If you’re looking to build a stronger core, you’re going to need to focus more than those front muscles that you engage with crunches… it’s important to think of the core as a whole. 

Your core includes dozens of muscles in both the front and back of your abdominal area, around your hips, pelvis and lower back. Imagine squeezing into a pair of Spanx that runs from your hips to your ribcage. Anything in this area is your core!

An often forgotten area of the core is the muscles that wrap around the sides of your core…the obliques! The external obliques are the largest of your ab muscles, so if you neglect them, your core routine will be far from effective. They can make your waist look smaller, protect your lower back, improve your posture, and perhaps most importantly…they help stabilize your spine.  Your obliques help you twist, bend sideways, and hinge forward.  Anytime you’re rotating your torso, you’re focusing on this area.

Tap into these 5 moves to challenge your obliques from every angle. This video even includes a fun new twist on a side plank!

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