3 Strength Training Tips To Banish “Skinny Fat”

Here are 3 strength training approaches to maximize your strength training workouts so you increase testosterone levels while shifting the fat-to-muscle ratio.


1 –  Increase your weights while decreasing your reps


2 – Don’t go fast! Slowing down your movement allows the muscles to engage the most muscle fibers.


3 – Focus on moves that target large muscle groups! 

Plus, check out the video, where I asked Rafael, an extraordinary trainer who owns Circuit Works in L.A. to show me his favorite lower body strengthening move!



As the years go by, it’s inevitable…your metabolism slows down, and it becomes more and more tricky to keep off extra pounds. And as you age, your body’s muscle-to-fat ratio adjusts, making it harder to maintain muscle mass and burn extra calories throughout the day.

This gradual shift of increasing fat and decreasing lean muscle may not change your weight. After all, fat is like styrofoam…it takes up a lot of room, but it doesn’t weigh a lot! Once you reach a high body fat percentage, it’s a red flag that you may be “skinny fat.”

Although not a technical term, “skinny fat” basically means that even if your scale doesn’t show a significant shift, your body physically feels soft and doughy.

The solution?

NATURALLY increase your testosterone levels through strength training the ADULT way. Don’t be afraid…you won’t look beefy like Arnold Schwarzenegger! After all, testosterone is the star in the hormone symphony, because it not only increases your muscle-to-fat ratio, but it helps you look and feel younger, healthier, and happier than you have in years.