A Strong Core

The list of ways to work your abs is seemingly endless. But when it comes to focusing on the lower abs, effective routines can be hard to come by. Just to be clear, you technically don’t have separate “lower abs” and “upper abs.” When that reference is made, people are talking about different areas of the “rectus abdominis” which is one of the muscles that make up your abs. The rectus abdominis runs from the sternum to the pelvis…Think “6-pack.”

However, it is possible to primarily activate one part of the rectus abdominis. The particular movement you’re doing will determine which part of the muscle (and the rest of the ab area) is working. For example, crunches hit more of the upper area, while leg lifts target more of the lower area. 

So when you work your core, it’s important that you’re targeting all muscles, including the lower section of the rectus abdominis.

Try these 4 moves that engage and train your rectus abdominis…  

And of course, I can’t talk about a strong, toned lower midsection without talking about the transverse abdominis. 

The transverse abdominis muscle is the core stabilizer, and it runs horizontally across the abdomen. It’s essential to recruit these muscles for good posture…and a sleek physique! Think of your transverse muscles as your built-in Spanx.

Learning to train the transverse can be challenging, but if you get the hang of it, your entire core will work more effectively. Think about hollowing the belly and pulling your navel in towards your spine. You can also engage this muscle with a technique called “bracing.” Imagine that somebody is going to punch you in your stomach, and your natural reflex is to tighten that area. 

Sculpt your abs from every angle with this bonus 10-minute  routine