3 Little Known Ways To Get Fit At Any Age


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Do you have as much energy and feel as physically fit in your everyday life as you’d like? It’s an issue that can plague us all, especially as we age. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to believe I’m 60, because I enjoy life to the fullest and feel better than ever. The secret to ageless energy and getting fit at any age can be summed up with 3 little known techniques:

1. Beat Boredom

Sure, exercising can be monotonous. And monotony is boring. And if something bores us, that’s reason enough to stop doing it. But if you think about it, anytime we do something the exact same way all the time, no matter what it is – even sex! – it’s going to get boring. The key is to mix things up. If you’re only doing cardio, for example, it’s high time you started adding in some resistance training. And if you’ve shied away from certain activities, whether yoga, Pilates or using an elliptical, force yourself to try something new. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference: If you listen to music during your workouts, try a whole new playlist. You might even try downloading an audiobook or free podcast to your iPod so that you can set your imagination free while you’re working out.

Variety is the spice of life – so if the exercise part of life has gotten boring, it’s time to spice that up, too. (And here’s one great way to do it: Pop in my Cardio Knockout Workout DVD, try some new moves in the comfort of your own home, and kick off any trace of boredom!)

2. Set a Goal

When I start people on a weight loss plan, I begin by asking them to name their goals and their motivation for going on this journey. Once again, most people tell me they just want to lose belly fat. Fair enough, I tell them, but let’s dig a little deeper. What do you feel is truly holding you back from living the life you deserve? And that’s when things start to get interesting. Because as people start to take stock, they tell me that they want to have steadier energy throughout the day so that they can excel at their jobs. Or they want to be able to run, play and swing around their little ones. Or they want to cut back on their risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.To stay motivated, one goal is not enough. I find it best to set three types of goals: external, internal, and a bigger goal for a meaningful accomplishment. Read more about setting smart goals.

3. Use The Buddy System

You’ve heard me say it before, and it’s worth repeating: Use the buddy system! The world can be a lonely place – but if you’ve got a friend, spouse or family member to help you stay motivated and accountable, you might just change your whole outlook on exercise. The trick is to find different groups for different activities: Some friends have a stronger sense of adventure, and can’t wait to get outside for a hike or bike ride. Others prefer a little one-on-one time, and would make a great companion for a long walk-and-talk. And don’t be afraid to walk on the wild side: Find your most daring pal and jump into that bellydancing class you’ve been longing to try. You’ll get your hearts pumping, you’ll keep each other on track, and you might just have some fun along the way.


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