3-Day Cleanse – It’s Time To Push RESET!

Calling every woman who has tried on a swimsuit, tank top, or shorts this week and has felt anything but excited…it’s time to flip a REST button on your eating habits.

For the next 3 days, join me in the Kickoff To Summer Cleanse for a COMPLETE liquid meal plan that includes recipes for protein shakes, smoothies and green drinks, that will help you feel LIGHT while breaking bad eating habits.

Let’s get into tip-top shape for summer!

For 3 days, you’ll enjoy healthy, clean recipes that include fresh, summer vegetables and fruits while steering clear of weight-gain offenders such as flour, sugar, dairy and processed foods.

I’m often asked if juice or blending is better for a cleanse.

Honestly, my Kickoff To Summer contains BOTH, because the fiber included in blended shakes and juices is incredibly beneficial to your health on an everyday basis.

However, while cleansing, juices allow a more gentle digestive process. This lets body have more energy for cleansing and regeneration.

This 3-Day Kickoff To Summer cleanse is NOT some “get thin quick” gimmick.

It’s about switching up your normal eating habits, eliminating the guesswork, and giving your digestive system a rest so that you can recalibrate and pave the way to weight loss success.

And, you’ll be SURPRISED how in just 3 days, you will…

  • Flush the digestive system with magnesium and prebiotics
  • Boost metabolism with fiber-rich foods
  • Wean taste buds off of constant sugar cravings
  • Reduce bloating by eliminating high sodium foods

The recipes in my Kickoff To Summer Cleanse are DELICIOUS. You’ll wake up your system, help eliminate brain fog, and set yourself up for success with my tried and true morning ginger drink, green machine smoothie, spicy apple smoothie, sweet beet juice, coconut berry shake, and tropical coconut juice recipe…and MORE!

Featured Recipe From The 3 Day Kickoff To Summer Cleanse…
Sweet Beet Juice

2 carrots
1 beet
1 lemon, peeled

Put all ingredients in a juicer, and drink immediately. If using a blender, add in 1 C. of chilled water.

Follow This 3-Day Quick and Clean Cleanse To Get Your Body In Tip-Top Shape!

Only $19.99!