5 Techniques to Overcome Stress Eating

You’ve been there before… You’re stressed or bored, and mindlessly open pantry to find a bag of chips, a handful of cereal, or a square of chocolate. After a few bites, you feel a rush of excitement, followed by a feeling of satisfaction. Ahhh, the craving has been appeased… for the moment. But, the next stressful situation comes along, and the emotional-eating cycle repeats itself.

People tend to crave an all-too-tempting sweet or salty treat when under pressure. But, it’s a sneaky trap that can perpetuate itself. Junk food lowers the levels of cortisol in your bloodstream, which temporarily relieves the feeling of stress, but it also reinforces the pattern so next time you are stressed out, you’ve conditioned yourself to reach for the less-than-healthy options.

Good news is… breaking this cycle can be a little easier if you incorporate these 5 strategies and snack ideas to sail through the stress without overindulging


Taking a 15-minute walk has been shown to relieve stress and help keep cravings at bay. So whether you’re bored, sad, or stressed, take it to the pavement and enjoy some fresh air for a natural reliever. 

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The combination of healthy fat, fiber, and protein found in avocados help you feel satisfied and less likely to turn to junk food. Try making a mini avocado shake…one of my favorites is this Raw Cacao and Avocado recipe. 


Research shows that cinnamon’s scent helps your body relax. Try boiling some water with a cinnamon stick and a dab of honey to help you curb sugar cravings and put your mind at ease. 

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Studies show that the satisfaction you receive from eating comfort food lasts for a mere 3 minutes. Next time you are tempted to binge, ask yourself what will make you feel satisfied for longer than 3 minutes. 


Watch your patterns…if you tend to stress eat after work or at bedtime, be prepared with a list of other ways you could occupy your time. One of the most effective ways I combat late-night eating is with a technique I call “B.L.T,” or Breathing Listening Technique. It’s a simple breath exercise because it slows your heart rate, lowers your blood pressure, and flushes out any feelings of frustration. [VIDEO] 


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