Is Everything In Moderation Making You Fatter?

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As crazy as it sounds, the classic “everything in moderation” weight loss rule may actually fuel WEIGHT GAIN.

According to a study of nearly 7,000 participants, an eating plan that includes more variety, or different type of foods, may lead to GREATER waist circumference and increased risk for developing diabetes.

In fact, after 5 years, the people who ate a diet of a variety of food and followed the “everything in moderation” theory gained 120% MORE in their waist size than study participants who had much less varied diets.

Why? It turns out that all that sampling may lead you to ignore hunger signals and eat more food.

Also, the word “moderation” has a different meaning to everybody.

THE BOTTOM LINE? That old adage of eating everything in moderation may not be the wisest advice. Instead, eating a range of quality foods will be more effective in promoting quality health.

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