4 Best Toning Moves For Women

Exciting news…Women’s Day just rated my NEW Total Body Toning DVD as one of the top workouts for getting back in shape. They said…

If your goal is to be stronger in the new year, Total Body Toning is the DVD for you. Its focus is on strength training—you can choose whether you want to do an upper body workout, a lower body workout, an abs and back routine, or a quickie 10-minute total body workout. But don’t think you have to already be super buff to jump in: This workout is designed for people of any fitness level—though you will need some equipment for it, like a stretch band and exercise ball.

What makes this workout so powerful is it includes 4 of the best toning moves for women. Check out the video above to see the top moves that not only will strengthen your upper body, lower body and core, but also improve stability and coordination.

The Total Body Toning DVD Includes…

  • Ultimate Upper Body Workout – This 12-min routine burns calories and tone your upper body and uses an adjustable resistance tube (sold separately)
  • Lean Lower Body Workout – This 13-min routine lifts and firms your glutes and thighs using a figure-8 stretch tube (sold separately).
  • Healthy Abs and Back Workout – This 15-min routine strengthens and sculpts your entire core using a mini stability ball (sold separately).
  • Slim & Fit Workout – This 10-min total body routine is perfect for days when you’re short on time! Uses a stretch band (sold separately).