3 New Year Fit Tips For 2017

We often get stuck in a pattern of doing the same things in our lives and exercising is no exception. Doing the same workout every day can slow down your progress. Why? Because your body adjusts to the workload, and you hit a plateau. Today, I’ll show a video blog with  3 ways to effectively power up your routine so you can achieve the results you want and reach your goals in 2017!

1. Remember FITT

FITT, which stands for frequency, intensity, time and type. Any time you switch up your workout, you want to vary one of these four factors – how often you workout, how intensely you workout, how long you workout, and the type of workout you do. As you begin switching up your FIIT, you’ll amp up your results.

I recently interviewed Martin Gibala,a a professor and chair of the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster University in Ontario. He conducts applied research that examines the impact of exercise and nutrition on your heath and performance. Recently, his study was featured in an article of the  New York Times, “One Minute of All-Out Exercise May Equal 45-Minutes of Moderate Exertion.”

The research found that “One minute of arduous exercise was comparable in its physiological effects to 45 minutes of gentler sweating.” It sounds unfathomable, but it’s true! Click here to listen to the entire interview. 

2. Variety is the spice of life.

When you do an exercise like a bicep curl, you typically train the muscle fibers in one direction. To train all the muscle fibers, you need  to use different movements—using different angles or even just changing your grip on the weights. This allows you to engage different muscle fibers which helps you prevent weight loss plateaus.

The same is true for cardio, when you do the same movements over and over again. If you’re always working out on a treadmill or elliptical, your body gets used to the movements, and you end up plateauing and not getting the results you want.

3. Do Non-Exercises Throughout The Day

This can include getting up out of your chair every 20 minutes if you’re sitting at a desk, incorporating a standing work station, or doing simple things around the house…from shoveling the snow off the driveway to house cleaning that can keep you active throughout the day. Here are a few other ways to keep yourself on your toes:

  • Scrub Calories Away! Is your kitchen floor is in need of some TLC? Spending just 15 minutes scrubbing away can burn 115 calories. You’ll zap calories and shine your floor in the process 🙂 If you wan to go the extra mile, clean the floor with some paper towel lunges (see the video here).
  • Picture Perfect. If you have a stack of paintings in storage that’s picking up dust, take 30 minutes to hang them up throughout the house, and burn an extra 100+ calories!
  • Is Shopping Cardio?! Hit the mall with your family or friends this weekend! Shop away the calories by simply spending 30 minutes searching racks of new autumn sweaters. And, you don’t have to buy anything!
  • Ditch The Cart. If you’re headed to the grocery store today, ditch the cart and pick up a basket instead. Lugging around the weight of your groceries will blaze extra calories. And as a bonus, you may spend less because you won’t want to carry around non-essential items.

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