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Everybody drinks water. For most people, not enough.

How much water you need every day depends on how much you weigh, your activity level and even your temperature. Your daily fluid needs can fluctuate from 2-6 quarts per day.

An easy way to see if you’re struggling to stay hydrated is to assess you urine. Your pee should look more like lemonade than apple juice. Dark pee is an indicator that you need more H20.

Up to 60% of your body is made up of water. That’s why staying hydrated plays such an integral role in heart health, brain sharpness, digestion, and temperature.

The shocking part is that you don’t need to lose a lot of water to see it impact your physical performance. Research discovered that dehydration “consistently attenuates strength (by 2%), power (by 3%) and high-intensity endurance (by 10%).”

To make sipping water less of a chore, treat yourself to a high-quality water bottle. It’s not only motivating for you, but having a reusable vessel is better for the environment. The big craze are distinct, trendy water jugs that carry up to 64 oz of water.

Even though drinking water (and a lot of it) is critical, you can also get hydration from water-rich foods. Here are the top 10 foods high in water that will assist in getting and stying hydrated…

  1. Lettuce…96% water content
  2. Cucumber…95% water content
  3. Celery…95% water content
  4. Zucchini…94% water content
  5. Tomato…94% water content
  6. Watermelon… 92% water content
  7. Strawberries…91% water content
  8. Cantaloupe…90% water content
  9. Peaches…89% water content
  10. Oranges…88% water content