10 Reasons To Strength Train…No Matter What Your Age

This week, I met an incredible woman. She’s 70-something (at a certain age, who needs to be exact?), and pumps it out in CrossFit THREE TIMES A WEEK! Through smart training and good nutrition, she proves that you can look good and feel young at any age. And, that’s great news!

If you want a toned body, an extra dose of optimism, and a higher IQ, then it’s time to start pumping some iron. No matter what your age, lifting weights goes way beyond getting buff! It’s time for a date with your dumbbells…and here’s 10 reasons why…

1. Amp Up Your IQ 

Diving into a book isn’t the only way to sharpen your inner brainiac. In fact, a new study shows that strength training slows the age-related shrinking of some parts of your brain. With age, your brain develops small holes, or “lesions,” in their white matter, the part of the brain responsible for connecting and sending messages to different parts of the brain. As time goes by, these lesions both grow and multiply, which shrinks the white matter, and reduce cognitive ability. But, the study from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver found that men and women who strength trained twice a week had significantly lower white-matter lesions. How’s that for a brain booster?

2. You’re At Risk For Losing One-Third Of Your Muscle Mass

As we get older we all experience a scary little process I call “The Great Decline.” Every decade we lose muscle mass, and as we age, the percentage of loss just keeps accelerating. By age 60, the average person will have forfeited one-third of his/her muscle mass. The good news:  you can reverse it with strength training. There’s no age limit on our ability to add muscle and stop “The Great Decline.”

3. Strength Training Helps You Handle Carbs

More muscle mass strongly correlates with improved insulin sensitivity. This means you have better glucose control so you can handle carbohydrates better and reduce your risk for diabetes. By increasing the amount of two different types of muscle fibers in your body, you can more easily manage your blood sugar levels.

4. Jumpstart Your Memory

If you’ve been searching for a happy pill, try strength training. Adding resistance to your routine releases endorphins, which boosts your happiness and keeps anxiety at bay.

But wait, there’s more. a study from the University of Columbia discovered that when you strength train, you release higher levels of BDNF into the brain. BDNF stands for “brain-derived neurotropic factor.” This brain chemical starts the process for new neurons to be formed in the areas of the brain involved in memory, learning, and decision-making. The higher your levels of BDNF, the healthier your existing brain cells remain, and the more likely you are to create new ones.

5. Get More Work Done!

If you find your mind wandering off throughout the day, doing an express strength training workout can help you gain focus. And, it can be as simple as a few tricep dips on your chair at work.

6. Count More Sheep

You’ve probably tried sipping on some herbal tea, and doing relaxing yoga to help you fall asleep with ease. And, while exercise in general is known to help you sleep more soundly, studies show that weight lifting in particular can lead to a better night’s sleep.

7. Muscle Burns More Calories Than Fat

Muscle burns more calories than fat. More importantly, muscle makes you stronger so you’re naturally  more physical throughout the day. And, your other activities…from walking, to hiking to climbing up the stairs can be performed at a higher intensity, which means you’re burning even more calories in your workout and your daily life.

8. Strong Muscles Protect your Heart

Lean, fit bodies have a lower rate of heart disease. The American Heart Association recommends strength training because of its cardiovascular powers. Resistance training helps you lose visceral fat (fat around the abdomen that surrounds the body’s internal organs) — the most dangerous type when it comes to cardiovascular health.

9. Bye Bye Back Pain

If you have back pain or posture problems the best non-surgical alternative for remedying this is strength training. A strong core supports your lower back and protects you from injury. And, strong back muscles contribute to good posture. The bonus: good posture naturally makes your abdomen look flatter.

10. Count It As Cardio

Hating the thought of getting on the dreadmill? Keep your resistance workout moving at a fast pace to keep your heart rate up, and it can count as cardio. Just make sure that after you complete your sets, you move along at a quick enough tempo.

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