1 Simple and Relaxing Way To Get Motivated!

All you have to do is close your eyes and visualize! 

Motivation doesn’t just happen by itself. If it did, there’d be no need for halftime pep talks  or multi-million-dollar soft drink ads. Motivation comes from the emotional implications of facts. If you think of a time when you felt a seemingly effortless surge of motivation to do something, it’s probably because some piece of information set off a train of thought in you that caused you to have an emotional response. You heard your favorite store was having a sale and you suddenly visualized that new dress you wanted, and imagined how great you’d feel when you wore it. So you dashed out an hour later and bought it.

Motivation occurs when something engages your emotions. It begins when you’re presented with an image of what you want, and a way to get it. The more vividly the image is presented and the more it seems to be associated with positive feelings, the more it will begin to inspire you emotionally to want it, and the easier it will be to get moving in the direction of getting it. This is the magic that advertisers attempt to work on us every day.

You can follow this strategy to motivate yourself. Now it’s time to get your imagination working—and, most important, to engage your emotions as well. To get started, try a little visualization:

    • Begin your relaxation with this 2-minute visualization exercise:

The many benefits of working out are often times motivating in themselves. But there’s nothing more human than knowing what’s best and still not doing it. Visualizing the benefits, painting the picture vividly in your mind, and then putting yourself in the picture will help stimulate desire. These mental techniques can bring you to the brink of action. Then, it’s time to jump.