#1 Most Deceiving Butt Workout (But It’s Super Effective!)

Ready to defy gravity and tighten your backside?

I have the PERFECT solution…When you get started with today’s 8-min video, it doesn’t seem like an intense routine. But don’t be deceived… these barre-style glute moves will perk up your backside, especially when you focus on the small, concentrated movements.

With celebrities such as Natalie Portman and Madonna joining the barre craze, it’s no wonder why barre studios are sweeping the nation. But this ballet-style workout is more than just a Hollywood hype. Barre workouts are the perfect way to improve balance and range-of-motion while developing lean muscle mass…especially in those hard-to-reach areas.

The best part is, you can reshape your glutes and get that beautiful curve without any weights. All you need is a chair, and you’re ready to work your rear! Remember, the key is to maintain proper form…keep your core activated, your abs pulled in, and your posture lifted. Follow these 5 techniques to make the most of this lower body barre-tightening routine:

  1. Tap into your inner ballerina as you practice the exercises, and it will reflect in your movement patterns.
  2. Check your posture – if you catch yourself hunching over or leaning to one side, re-align your positioning. You shouldn’t feel tension in areas that you’re not targeting.
  3. Think and focus, and the body will follow. Imagine trying to pinch a coin or a dollar bill in-between your cheeks. In other works, squeeze your buns toward the midline as you move through the routine. With each pulse, contract just a little harder.
  4. When you’re all done, remember to stretch to help counteract the intensity of the workout!