MUST-TRY Fluid, Functional and FUN Kettlebell Moves

From Thigh Masters to Shake Weights, I’ve seen a lot of fitness fads in my 30+ years in the fitness industry. But every once in a while, a trend seems to stick and find a permanent place in every gym. And now, that here-to-stay trend is the kettlebell. But the truth is, kettlebells aren’t new. In fact, they were originally used by Russian bodybuilders in the early 20th century.

Kettlebells are versatile. Their unique shape of allows you to use a fuller range of motion than traditional strength training – and the movements in kettlebell training incorporate multiple muscle groups (arms, shoulders, glutes and love handles) all at the same time. The kettlebell is a great tool for strengthening your core because these handy weights engage your center throughout every movement, which not only protects you from injury, but turns every exercise into a sculpting, toning, full-body workout. That means more sculpting, more waist-whittling…all in less time. Use them regularly, and you’ll see the body you’ve always wanted!

According to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research researchers found that kettlebell training significantly improved strength and endurance and was also seen as an effective alternative to weight training.

As an added bonus, kettlebell training increases your return on strength by 30%, because it offers a continuous change of direction in how you swing the bell. This means you burn more calories, tone up more quickly, and increase the variety and fun of your workout.

Are Kettlebells Right For You?

Regardless of your fitness level (or age or gender), you can still reap the sculpting, fat-burning benefits of kettlebell training using lighter weights. The swinging, twisting and rotating movements used can provide a nice challenge when you’re just getting started, so it’s important to begin with lighter weights. Not only will you master this new style of exercise with proper form, but you’ll begin to see those love handles melt away.

Here are two kettlebell exercises that will simultaneously work your core, legs and arms:


Screen shot 2015-05-29 at 2.15.12 PM

  1. With the kettlebell in both hands in between your legs, sit down into a squat.
  2. Within a controlled movement, thrust your lower body up, returning standing by pressing your hips forward, while swinging your arms vertically, breaking at shoulder-level.
  3. Repeat this movement 10 times.


Screen shot 2015-05-29 at 2.14.22 PM

This move is both an upper and lower body toner! The breaking action in the kettlebell swing works your upper arm (deltoid, tricep, bicep), and the bending action of the lunge tightens your lower body (glutes, hamstrings, quads). Throughout the entire movement, engage your core for an additional ab tightener!

  1. Stand with your legs in a wide stance with a kettlebell in your right arm.
  2. Move into a side lunge by bending your left leg, while straightening your right leg. The kettlebell will swing to your left side, moving past your left leg.
  3. Move back to the beginning position, lifting the bell side to side.
  4. As you start to gain momentum, sink further into your left leg

It’s time to start ringing the bells!

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