Whittle Your Waistline By Hula Hooping

Today, I hiked to the top of Iron Mountain in Park City, Utah (there's still snow up there!) and I hula hooped at the top. Recently, Kelly Osborne lost 70 lbs hula hooping, and you can lose weight doing it too. What I love about hula hooping is that it's fun, it burns calories, it whittles your waistline, and you can do it anywhere! You can hula in your house, your backyard, the beach, or the top of a mountain, but the main point is — do it. So, grab a small or large hoop, and start having fun and getting your body ready for bathing suit season!

Are you hula hooping with me today? I posted a photo of me hooping on Instagram — tag me in your photo so I can see!

Here's to your health,
Kathy Smith