What’s Your Excuse?


Good morning.

I’m curious. It seems like I’ve heard every excuse in the book. So, I want to know…What are you excuses for eating too much sugar? Not exercising? Here are some of the top reasons I hear:

– I don’t have enough time!
– I’m too tired
– I have an injury

Take a look at this…

There’s an old trope in my business. You’ve heard it before, “This isn’t just about changing your body. It’s about changing your mind!” Or “You’ll love how you look… but you’ll also love how you feel.” It’s almost lost its meaning – it just sounds like a line. But new research about the connection between what we do with our bodies and how it affects our brains has redefined the way that we think of mind/body connection.

Think of it like this…Our thoughts and habits are the Colorado River, flowing constantly, creating new pathways that ultimately shape this incredible natural wonder. Your thoughts have the same effect on your brain as the Colorado River has on the Grand Canyon.

We’ve established these excuses and pathways that have become automatic – whether they’re about fear or anxiety – and what we’re seeing now is that, unlike the Grand Canyon, you can reprogram your brain – and it all starts with exercise. We’re learning that you can train the brain just like you train a muscle. But we’re not just talking about flash cards and Sudoku. Research shows us that physical exercise is the #1 thing you can be doing to improve your brain. 

It’s a perfect day to set aside your excuses, lace up your shoes and head outside!