What’s Better Than Pie?


What’s better than enjoying that fork of pumpkin pie? Knowing that you can burn it off!

There’s an easy way to contract the effects of all the extra food that will be on your buffet this month….


Even if strolling around the block isn’t your usual go-to workout, a quick 20-minute walk is a time-efficient way to log your daily dose of movement. 

Whether you’re traveling for the holidays or just have a quick minute between prepping everything for Thanksgiving, it doesn’t get any easier than tying up your shoes and heading out the door. 

Today’s 20/20 Walking audio can completely change your approach to walking. It’s a 20-minute steady-state workout that gradually increases in intensity.

The focus during this workout is perceived effort, not pace. It’s a nice mental change to help you enjoy your walk more than when you’re fixated on maintaining a certain time.

If you have 20 minutes to spare when you’re finished, keep the audio going, because there’s an extra 20 minutes of resistance training at the end to sculpt and tone your shoulders, back, arms, and core.