What Sugar Does To Your Body


After a doctor’s appointment recently at the University of Utah Hospital, I went to the main floor to pick up my prescription. Right there at the counter, I was shocked to see a row of sugary treats. The same place that was handing out prescriptions to a diabetic was also handing out the drug that could kill them. 

When I pointed out the irony to the saleswoman, she responded with, “Some people like candy.” My response? “Well, some people like cigarettes, but you wouldn’t sell those here.” I asked to talk to the manager, and a few days later, she called me and explained that “healthy options just don’t sell as well.” 

It is time for a food fix. Sugar’s impact on your body goes way beyond gaining a few extra pounds. Here’s what too much sugar can do to your body…. 

1 – Hinder the repair of collagen, that protein that keeps your skin looking plump

2 – Reduce skin elasticity and increase premature wrinkles

3 –  Accelerate the oxidation process in your cells resulting in damaged proteins, tissues, and organs and increased risk of cataracts, liver disease, and kidney failure

4 –  Release dopamine, the neurotransmitter that makes you like something and crave more of it

5 – Cause energy to surge and then bottom out 
And as my friend JJ Virgin said in our recent conversation, “Sugar messes up your gut microbiome and make it more glucose intolerant and set you up for diabetes.” 

Sugar affects almost every system of your body…your brain suffers, your skin ages faster, and of course, your energy surges…and then bottoms out.

Nothing changed my relationship with sugar more than the wisdom of JJ Virgin. A celebrity nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author, JJ was on the podcast and discussed the EASIEST way to break the sugar addiction! LISTEN HERE!


If It’s Time To Break The Sugar Habit, Try A Sweet Shake!

Starting your morning with the KS Wellness Shake and the recipes above will help create a perfect blood-sugar balancing super meal. It’s the ideal way to crush a sweet-tooth craving and never feel hangry again. 

An essential step to eliminating belly fat is balancing your blood sugar. By emphasizing protein at each meal and limiting your refined carb intake, you can step off the blood sugar roller coaster and OUTSMART FOOD CRAVINGS that sabotage your progress.

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Its velvety richness will leave you feeling guiltlessly satisfied.