Walking is Brain Fertilizer


Greet spring with an outdoor walk! Walking is possibly the most underrated, least used workout method in your regimen. 

Walking can be much more than enjoying the fresh air and noticing a range of beloved blooms (even though that’s a big plus). 

Here’s a quick primer on one of my favorite reasons to take a walk… 

Walking is brain fertilizer… feed your brain! 

Walking stimulates blood flow throughout your body and that’s especially good for your brain because the increased circulation signals the release of a brain chemical called brain-derived neurotrophic factor – or BDNF for short. 

BDNF starts the process for new neurons to be formed in the area of the brain involved in memory, learning and decision-making. It also repairs brain cell damage and makes the connections between brain cells stronger.

The higher your levels of BDNF, the healthier your existing brain cells remain, and the more likely you are to create new ones.

Walk already! 

Start with this 40-minute outdoor walking audio. It will keep you on tempo, and the short interval bursts help you reach any fat-burning goals. 

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