Walking Boosts Your Immunity


A simple tip to turn your walk into an immune-boosting, fat-burning workout is to add bursts of HIIT training!

I wanted to make sure you get access to this free walking audio that incorporates calorie-blasting intervals, upbeat music, and my coaching to help you turn your walk into a workout.

If you’re on a quest to be a superager, walking may just be one of the best tricks you can have up your sleeve because of its immune-boosting abilities! 

Research on walking verified that after a brisk walk, participants experienced an uptick of immune cells floating around the body for up to three hours afterwards.

Another study found that candidates who engaged in aerobic exercise at least 5 days of a week lowered the number of upper respiratory tract infections over a  12-week span by more than 40%! 

Speaking of reasons to try today’s HIIT training walk… 

Here are 7 reasons to add HIIT to your walk every week!

1 – Burns calories even after you’re done working out because your metabolic rate is higher

2 – Taps into hard-to-burn visceral fat

3 – Incinerates more calories in less time, which means… short workouts, big results!

4 – Can increase muscle, especially in the lower body

5 – Boosts your endurance

6 – Reduces blood pressure and heart rate

7 – Improves insulin resistance

Another word for HIIT training is “metabolic acceleration,” and the word ‘metabolic’ translates to the breaking down of food into energy. During metabolic bursts, you burn more calories working at peak levels, alternating between active rest periods. The added benefit is the residual calorie burn after the workout—referred to as the EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption).

As your cells continue to need more oxygen, they are increasing your caloric expenditure and working harder after the workout

HIIT training workouts push you out of your comfort zone… and that’s when change starts to happen…in your workouts, your body, and your weight.

If you want to turn your walk into a fat-burning workout, try today’s 40-minute HIIT training walk.  

This free audio incorporates brief interval bursts shown to help break through any weight loss plateaus and improve your cardiovascular health.


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Walking Audios to Turn Your Outdoor Walk Into a Workout 

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LeanWalk is a 6-week walking program designed around walking. It’s a true “no-excuse workout.” The program consists of five audio workouts and 1 bonus indoor walking video that incorporate a dynamic concept called “periodization.”  

In simple terms, periodization is a valuable tool that can help you get the most out of your exercise program, especially if you’ve hit a plateau. 


 6-Week daily calendar to take the guesswork out of your walk! This day-by-day calendar shows you exactly what workout to do each day.
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