Walk Your Way to a Round Butt


There’s more to walking than cardio… your daily jaunt can also be turned into a glute-rounder! With a few adjustments to your steps, you’ll increase the burn in your backside. 

The first step towards turning your walk into a butt-firming  workout is to activate those muscles before you head out the door… 

Step 1…
Glute Activator 

1…Lie one your back

Squeeze the right cheek, then the left cheek

Repeat… right cheek, left cheek, right cheek, left cheek

This simple activating warms up your glutes and tells them to wake up!

Step 2…

 1…While walking, step forward with your right leg, plant your heel, and roll through your foot.

2…At the end of your stride, squeeze your glutes (butt) as you push off of the leg. This simple action will activate your glutes during every step of the walk. Remember, push forward…. not upward! 

The heel-toe-push technique will take your walks to the next level.

Step 3…
Walk With Me!

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