[VIDEO] Two Step Rx For Relieving Stress and Balancing Hormones

Since we all deal with stress on daily basis, it’s important to understand not just how our bodies react to it, but also what we can do to find our own inner peace. On a physical level stress can make itself known by an increased heart rate, tense muscles, rapid breathing, and sweaty palms.

On an emotional level, you have much more power over stress. So if you want to be cool as a cucumber when stress comes your way, here’s your two part stress Rx.

Step 1. Begin your morning with a brief mindfulness meditation, by sitting in a comfortable, quiet place and taking notice of your thoughts and feelings. That’s it! No judging, no problem solving, no list making, just a few quiet moments of noticing. A new study from Carnegie Mellon shows that after only three days of this simple practice, participants perceived a tense situation as less stressful. Many participants reported that this habit helped them concentrate on their reaction to the stress at hand, instead of getting caught in a whirlpool of emotions.

Step 2. Before you slip between your sheets at night, practice the 6-minute hormonal-balancing and stress-reducing yoga video in today’s blog. By calming the nervous system and improving circulation, these positions can smooth emotional hills and valleys into a level path while revitalizing your energy flow.