Lights… camera…  action! I’m ready for this morning’s Move4Her LIVE VIRTUAL WORKOUT in Chicago. 

If you’re looking for a high-energy way to amp up your day and get moving this morning, join me! Let’s put the fun back in fitness and raise money for a good cause. 

Register here… but hurry! The event starts at 10am PST/12 pm CST/1pm EST. 

The friendly Chi-town locals have greeted me with open arms (while 6 feet apart)… and this lit up heart on a downtown building filled my soul and calmed my pre-event anxiety. 

Everyone worries sometimes, but chances are good that you, or someone you know, is dealing with anxiety. 

One in five Americans over 18, and one in three teenagers 13 to 18, reported having a chronic anxiety disorder during the past year.  

Every person experiences anxiety at one point or another. If you have too many emails, if you get stuck in traffic, if you get in a disagreement with your friend, it can cause anxiety.

But…If you’re repeatedly feeling panicky, anxious, or find yourself avoiding situations because of irrational fears, then check out this one tip to stop provoking anxiety. This technique from Julian Brass, author of Own Your Anxiety is a little untraditional…. but it works! 

… Click here for 1 untraditional tip to ease your anxiety! 

Having anxiety is like being trapped in your own personal nightmare. 

I love this simple method from Julian, because it’s all about focusing on reducing the little things that make you feel a tiny bit less anxious throughout the day to chip away at  anxiety layer after layer after layer after layer.

Here’s the tip from my latest podcast with Julian (you can listen to the episode here)… Don’t jay walk. 

“Don’t jay walk, while it is literal, it’s also a metaphor for don’t invite things into your life that will create anxiety and that will make you feel off center and a bit charged up and maybe put yourself into a state of fight or flight.

Don’t jay walk was inspired after I was with my yoga guru. We had done a whole day of training and we were going to go to lunch together. We had a half day. We were going to lunch, and I said, ‘There’s no traffic. Let’s go.’ And I was starving.

He said, ‘No, no, no, Julian. We have just worked so hard to feel Zen and to feel calm and centered. Why would be trade that with the potential of raising our heartrate as we cross the street?’

He was so right.  We need to guard ourselves from these different things that will create even a tiny, minute anxiety. So jay walking is an example that can be really put into so many different aspects of our lives.

For example… don’t pay your bills late. Or don’t park your car in front of the store with your hazard lights on, and as you run inside for five minutes, be super anxious checking to see if you’re going to get a ticket. Or maybe don’t leave your bathroom dirty if you’re going to be having guests over or people always stop by and it makes you feel really shy and embarrassed. Whatever it might be for you.

By embracing the don’ts that create anxiety, we then all of a sudden invite in the do, which is to do be more mindful, do love yourself, do live more intentionally, and do own your anxiety.”