Unlocking the Secret to 

A night on the town or a day standing at work often turns into agony for our feet and toes. It’s estimated one out of three adults suffers from foot pain. And the costs to correct are staggering – more than $150 billion dollars annually on foot relief! 

Think about it. Our feet are designed to be just as dexterous as our hands! Imagine wearing mittens all day?  Modern life would be nearly impossible. Yet for most of the day our feet are locked away inside our shoes or boots. 

It’s time to “Free the Feet!” Or at least give them the attention they deserve.

Best selling Author and Physiologist Katy Bowman insists most foot pain is preventable. Our fallen arches, inflamed fascia and tight foot muscles are the result of poor habits as well as our shoes! 

I recently interviewed Katy on The Art of Living Podcast. I love her expression for the morning after a night on the town, a.. “High-heel hangover.”  

One of her favorite exercises, I think of as: Twinkle Toes. It’s a simple technique to strengthen the flexibility in your feet and each toe.

Here’s how it works:

  • Stand barefoot with feet hip-width apart. 
  • Keeping toes on the ground, start with lifting your big toe and keeping the others pressed to the floor. 
  • Reverse it! Keep your big toe pressed to the floor while lifting the others. 
  • Repeat on other foot. 
  • Continue three times with each foot
  • Bonus: Both feet at once.

Mind Over Pinkies!

If you can’t separate one toe from the other (yet), keep trying.  Reach down and give those piggies some help. You can use your fingers to press down on the toes you want to stay down while you use your muscles to lift the toes you want to lift. Keep at it, allowing your brain to make the connections it needs to get those toes moving.

It’s fascinating to realize how out of touch we are with our toes and yet how foundational they are to our skeletal strength and health. With regular practice, you’ll notice an enhanced sense of balance, flexibility, and strength, making your feet and toes dance with the grace and sparkle of “twinkle toes.” 

Adding simple practice into my daily routine has worked wonders for my feet and toes, leaving them feeling light, agile, and full of vitality.  And as with any exercise, remember to  listen to your body’s cues. 

Your feet and your balance will thank you, for this toe-tal transformation!