How To “Turn On” Your Abdominal Muscles

It’s true… If you learn to activate your abs, you can firm and tighten your midsection during a walk! If you’re serious about trimming down your midsection, then today’s 5min ab-activating video is a must-do BEFORE any workout…especially walking.

What exactly does it mean to “activate” your core? Basically, it means engaging your abdominal muscles to help you perform any workout…whether you’re walking or doing squats. All moves require the use of your core muscles (the abdominals and your lower back), so if your core isn’t engaged, you’re increasing the risk of injury, and your form suffers.

And, don’t forget to engage your core during your walk! To do this, gently pull in your belly button towards your back, as if you were zipping up a tight pair of jeans. This activates the transverse abdominis, supports the lower back, takes the pressure off of the hips, improves posture, and increases respiration.

Remember to maintain proper alignment in the rest of your body during the walk by straightening the spine, avoiding the temptation to lean back, gently pulling in your chin towards your chest, and keeping your shoulders relaxed and your shoulder blades slightly together.

Stay strong in your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond by activating your core before any workout with this 5-minute standing abs routine… 


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