It’s okay to want firmer arms, and this new routine can work wonders on your triceps. I call it the “Tri-Set Triceps” because it’s 3 moves, 3 rounds, and it targets the 3 heads in your tricep (long head, lateral head and medial head). Up your arm game! 

Here’s the progression of the routine… 

10 Close-Grip Pushups
Tip: Keep the elbows close to side and focus on form.
It’s more effective to to a modified knee pushup with full range of motion than do a pushup from the toes with not as much range of motion. 
10 Gravity Presses
Tip: Keep the elbows directly above the shoulders, extending then triceps up and driving the knuckles up to the sky. Choose a weight that allows you to move smoothly and consistently up and down to full range of motion. 
10 Tricep Kickbacks
Tip: When bending the arm back to beginning position, maintain a 45 degree angle.  Then, extend the tricep as far back as you can without lifting the shoulder excessively. 

This sequence of movements starts with bigger compound motions and progresses to more isolated tricep focus, which allows for better activation. 

During this sequence, focus on keeping your glutes stable. Keeping your backside strong will create a chain reaction, allowing your core to engage, which will allow the weight to focus on your tricep more effectively. 

Three moves, three rounds! It’s ridiculously simple, yet effective… prefect for those days when you’re so rushed for time that you are scrambling to fit in a minute to brush your teeth.