Train Your Body To Slow Down The Aging Process!


Mindfulness? Meditation? Who has time to sit still? These are some of the concerns I hear from people when they want to bring peace into their life, but they feel like they’re constantly on-the-go. Let’s pause for a moment to remember that practicing mindfulness now will set you up for tranquility and optimal health for the rest of your life. And in fact, it may even help you live longer.

Mindfulness meditation helps you experience the richness of every moment, by focusing on staying in the present. Through gentle controlling of your attention, this ancient practice has a profound effect on your body by changing brain chemistry, decreasing depression, and improving heart health and diabetes (just to name a few).

This awakening process empowers you to bring stillness into your everyday life, but it also can train your body to slow down the aging process.

telomeresA published study from University of California San Fransisco reports that people who practice mindfulness had longer telomeres. Essentially, telomeres are the biomarker of biological aging.

If you want to look younger than your biological age, don’t miss today’s video (above) where I’ll show you exactly how to lengthen your age-defying telomeres!